Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Denmark & Germany Trip

It has been more than a week after I have come back from my Denmark & Germany trip. I am sorry that I don't have time to blog about my travel experience since I am now busy planning for my next trips!

This is my first time to travel extensively with train in Europe. With the InterRail pass, it was free for me to travel within Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Denmark, with exception of express (requires a supplement) and night train (requires compulsory booking). With a InterRail pass, you are supposed to write down the details of each trip before you start, e.g. date, time, number of the train. But according to my experience, only 30% of time they would check my log. There was only one time that I was asked to show my passport... Well I think the conductor only wanted to know my nationality..

Friday, June 17, 2005

Next Stop : Heidelberg

I will start my backpack trip next monday. My next stop is Heidelberg, Germany. Even though I have booked most of my accommodations for the next 2 and a half week. I haven't done so for Heidelberg. Hope I can find a cheap one when I arrive!

Here is my route :
Luzern -> Heidelberg -> Trier -> Koeln -> Kassel -> Berlin -> Celle -> Copenhagen -> Aarhus -> Skagen -> Odense -> Munich -> Luzern

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Manta bar, Zurich

What do you think the best sandwich should be? Juicy? Crispy? The stuffing should be 300% of the bread? Cold or Hot? Where have you had the best sandwich?

My dream sandwich should be fresh, warm, filling, healthy and you don't have to wash your hands afterwards. I don't really like cold sandwiches, except the Rocket/Parmesan Sandwich from BrezelKönig. The strong taste of Rocket goes well with Parmesan, plus the fresh bread. The main point is it is handy, BrezelKönig is in every corner in Luzern.

I hate those sliced loaf bread, especially the white one. Having said that, I have to confess that I used to have Luncheon Meat/Egg Sandwich (餐蛋治) a lot before.Well, I just like the Luncheon Meat and fried eggs...

Last Thursday, I decided to have a short trip to Zürich. Just planed to walk around, see the lovely bears and check out the Coffee and Wine offering in Jelmoli. Even though I missed the S&M bear, I did find something out of my expectation, Manta Bar. It was during the lunch time and I found people queueing up in this small coffee shop on Bahnhofstrasse. I used to think that it was just another coffee bar and the crowd of people there had discouraged me from entering it. Two hours later when I walked back to the shop, I could still see people, but less, and some tables were available outside the shop. So I decided to give it a shot in order to cure my hunger.

There were over 10 different kinds of sandwiches, all prepared earlier and warpped in plastic wrap. I told myself, okay, at least better than a bratwurst. So I went ahead and ordered a big roasted beef, eggplant and tartarsauce sandwich (Gross Pide mit Roastbeef, pan. Auberginen, Tartarsauce) and a Cola, decided to delay my intake of Caffeine until I were in Spruengli. I was asked if I wanted it warm, of course! Then I was given a number tag. Oh Scheisse! They would call my number in German.... Then I found the lady there removed the plastic wrap of my sandwich, opened it and put it into the oven. A couple of minutes later, my sandwich was ready.

I tried one bite, the bread was crispy and warm. (I don't know what Pide bread is, Turkish?) With the tartar sauce, it didn't taste as dry as I thought. The roast beef was okay, I didn't expect too much anyway. But after the 2nd bite, I was totally convinced that it was the best sandwich I ever had. It was the Auberginen (or eggplant, we use to call). They were deepfried before putting in the sandwich, but normally they would become soft and oilly after getting cold, but after in the oven for a couple of minutes, the crispyness came back! Together with the tartar sauce, it was a perfect match! The big sandwich was just CHF12.5. I tried to behave myself and ate slowly because once I sat down, there were 3 other people sharing the table with me....
So next time, when you are in Zuerich or Winterthur, try it out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Eating in Berlin Part 1

My first Brunch since I came to Europe last year.
It just costed 7.99 Euro in Cafe Alex at Sony Center. I wish I could find similar place in luzern too! It is the tyical 'American' style brunch buffet. Not exactly special but it was nice for someone who had waken up at 4am to catch the train and the flight.

Dinner was at a place called Mao Thai. Yes, it is a Thai restuarant. I think it is one of the best Thai restuarants in Berlin. It was a full house when we arrived at nine something, but luckily we got our table while we were having our first Singha beer. We had 3 appetizers : Fish Cake, Mango Salat and one other dish that I forgot the name. Main dishes included a fish, curry chicken and squid. I would say the appetizers were much better than the main dishes. We spent less than 100 Euro, not cheap, but certainly much cheaper than in Thai Garden, Luzern.

Currywurst is the so-called Berliner dish. I didn't want to have it, but that place is the only food shop that you can find around the Judish Musuem. Deep fried sausage with curry powder and ketchup, plus a load of fries and a can of pop for 4 Euro, what can you expect.

After visiting the Holocaust Monument Museum, it was already time for lunch. I decided to head to Friedrichstrasse for lunch before seeingthe Deutsches Historisches Museum. In stead of having a quick lunch of currywurst, I followed a sign to a vietnamese restuarant. I miss Que Hong and Ben Thanh in London too much, so decided to head for a Pho. It is a nicely decorated restuarant with lots of asian stuff. I don't care, most nice pho places are run down anyway.
I ordered the beef noodle and a vietnamese coffee, I wanted a iced one, but they didn't provide. I don't understand, they just need to dip the coffee into a glass of ice. The first time it came, the coffee actually didn't dip out from the filter, so they exchanged one for me. The coffee was just as diluted as the normal coffee, not to say they didn't put enough condensed milk. It took a while before the pho came. I was even more depressed. It just came with some chilli and small slice of lime, where was the leaves and bean spouts? The beef was just some well done sliced beef. To me, it is more like a chinese beef rice noodle soup, not a pho. All for 15 Euro.

While I was still frustrated with the lunch, we headed to somewhere near Gendarmenmarkt for dinner. Finally, we settled in a steak house nearby. Even though my friend M has insisted many time that he hates Fastfood, I think Maredo is kind of fastfood too! Nonetheless, food was not too bad.

My last meal during this trip in Berlin was the lunch at Kadewe. I read from a guide book that its foodcourt is marvellous. After spending almost 20 minutes walking around the big food court, I ordered a butterfisch and a beer at one of the restuarant for around 15 Euro. They have all kind of seafoods, fishes and even lobsters. The fish was great, with a mussel sauce and came with salad and bread. Next time I should try the oyster bar and the grill. I ended my lunch with a coffee at Dallmayr.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Basel --> Berlin by Easyjet

We have discussed Easyjet many times in school and my trip to Berlin is my first time to take EasyJet. Experience? nothing really special except that they really turned around in 25 minutes. Crew memebrs are young and they have their own sausage and egg breakfast, while we have to pay our own even for a pop. During my trip in Berlin, I have visited and spent some time in their Easy Internet Cafe as well. I think I should try their EasyHotel in London and EasyCruise soon.

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